I’m sure that people have been trying to answer that question since the invention of the team jersey. Jerseys are supposed to be a visual representation of what the team wearing the jersey stands for. The meaning of a team’s jersey changes depending on who you ask. The meaning of the jersey also changes depending upon who is wearing it. The fact that someone is wearing a jersey means that they are a part of something bigger that just themselves.

Take a football team like the Detroit Lions for example. The lion on the jersey is representative of the team’s ability to work together and work hard. The fact that this team knows how to behave just like the emblem on their jersey- like a pride of lions hunting down their objective, means that they are a team who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. In essence, when the football player wears their team’s jersey, they become the visual representation of an entire city’s pride and spirit. What happens on the football field is seen by thousands of people, whether they watch the game in person, or on TV. What the athletes do while wearing their game day jersey is talked about by sports fans everywhere for weeks. The wearing of the jersey means that you are a part of the team. That is the meaning of a team’s jersey.

The meaning of a team’s jersey can change depending on the person who wears the jersey. Take the jersey worn by basketball stars like Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain for example. Their jerseys were ‘retired’ by the teams they played for. That means they were taken out of the line for use by other players and placed on display at the places where they used to play before they retired. Their jerseys have a special meaning for all who look upon them, fans, coaches, maintenance people and athletes alike. Those jerseys on display mean someone special was there.

Another place where a team’s jersey has a very special meaning is when an athlete is performing on the world stage as part of the Olympic Games. When an athlete wears a jersey while participating in the Olympics, that jersey means that the athlete is representing a specific country. Take Hussein Bolt for example. When he participated in his second world- record breaking 100 meter dash in Rio, he was wearing a jersey. That jersey meant he was running for something more than just himself. He was running for Jamaica; he was running for his home country.
That is the meaning of a team’s jersey. The meaning of a team’s jersey is to represent either your team or your country whenever you put on a team jersey. The jersey is the very embodiment of a team’s pride and spirit. In essence, it is the representation of that team’s background and everything they stand for. The jersey is also a means of saying “someone special was here”. In short, no matter where you are, the meaning of a team’s jersey will always remain the same: unity.

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Is there meaning in the design of a jersey?