While some people believe that jerseys that look good make the players play better, others disagree and claim that the jerseys have nothing to do with winning or lose. What is known for sure is that when a player wears a nicely designed jersey they will feel good and be confident. Whether this has an effect on how they play is up for discussion. Many sports teams have been redesigning their jerseys in recent times. But how often should a jersey be redesigned? There really is no specific answer to this question. It will depend on the needs of the team and the type of game they play.

Some games have strict rules on how often a jersey can be redesigned and have very specific rules to be followed when doing this. In NFL for instance, a notice of changing the team jersey should be issued in writing to the NFL commissioner before March 1st of the year the changes are intended to take place. The confirmation will then be issued by December 1st of that year if the proposed changes are within the allowed limits like having no conflict with the jerseys and colors of other teams. As a general rule, NFL teams cannot change regular home and away jerseys more than once every five seasons. The rules for changing all sports jerseys should be confirmed from the sports officials before any redesigns can be made.

That said, there are some situations when a team should consider redesigning their jersey. So long as it falls within the leagues’ timelines here are some indications that it is time to change a team’s jersey.

The jersey design has been around for too long

Fans and even the players yearn for something new and rejuvenating. If a team has been using the same jersey since it was begun years ago then a redesign should be considered. The style may have been outdated long ago and it is time to modernize. If a jersey has been in use for over ten years without a single redesign then it is time to take action.


This is one of the common reasons why teams change their jerseys. For instance, when a team gets a new sponsor they may want to redesign so as to represent the sponsor better. The jersey the team has may also not be representative of the place where they come from be it a country or a small town. Such jerseys can be redesigned to be more customized.

Garner more support for the Franchise

One way how fans can support a team’s franchise is by purchasing jerseys. The problem is that once a fan has all sets of your jersey it will not make sense to buy another and have more than one of the same kind. So, if your jersey sales have been reducing it means that almost all your fans have your current jerseys in their closets. A change in the design will attract them to buy some more since they will be different from what they already have. A jersey redesign will also rejuvenate the fans’ enthusiasm and support for the team.

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How often is a jersey redesigned?