Have you ever wondered what happens to the jerseys that players use during a match? Have you ever wondered how many jerseys does a team have at a time? It’s a curious question, indeed!

The uniforms in the sports industry keep getting better and better. The teams get millions of dollars through sponsors alone. And, thanks to a fan frenzy, the sports uniforms can be sold and fetch a huge amount. Who wouldn’t love to purchase the used jersey of footballs stars like Messi, Ronaldo et al.?

Normally, teams get sponsors for the matches and the jerseys include sponsor’s logos as well as the player’s name and number. The significance of a uniform is to avoid confusion, enable players to differentiate between their opponents and help the referees to conduct the game. Moreover, viewers can easily differentiate between players. Having a jersey and name makes identification of a team easier.

Every club basically starts a season wit 3 kits, of different colors and same designs. These kits include jerseys, undershirts, shorts, pants and stockings. These kits are classified into the following

• Home Kit
• Away Kit
• Alternate Kit

When to use which kit?

When a team plays at home or their own football-stadium, they use the home kit as it the color scheme of club and their kit matches. When they are playing in their opponent’s stadium, they normally wear the away kit or the alternate kit. The teams might be asked to use their away kit in home matches but that is quite rare.

How many jerseys does a team have at a time?

In NFL, the jerseys usually have a NFL logo, team logo and super bowl and pro-bowl logo. The NFL uniform includes a jersey and pants. As far as the number of jerseys they have at a time, they carry two jerseys per match. The players might change their jerseys during half time or if it becomes wet due to mud, rain. It is also reported that 6 jerseys are issued to each player at the beginning of the season (2 each for practice matches, home matches and away matches). Some jerseys can be donated to charity or exchanged to other players as well. But majority of fan manage to finish a season in the same jerseys. In the event that they are donated, exchanged or get damaged, they are replaced.

It also depends on the players; some players might prefer wearing a new-jersey every game while some can manage with the same jerseys throughout the seasons. So, the number of jerseys also depends on factors like weight gain or weight loss, fitting etc.
It is still common practice to wash and reuse the game jerseys. And, most of the team managements are happy to replace jerseys every match. This principle works in all sports, be it cricket, baseball, basketball or rugby.

Sports are an exciting business and it makes a lot of money to the players as well as the management. So even if the jerseys are donated to charities or exchanged, they still make a lot of bucks and it’s a win-win situation for them.


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How many jerseys does a team have?