All games have uniforms, and this can be football, basketball, cricket, rugby, baseball, hockey, etc. All teams playing a specific game have different uniforms so as to identify one team from another. It is important to wear uniforms as it allows the spectators to identify the different teams and their members. Team uniforms are regularly improved, redesigned and changed as it increases the interest factor in the game. If team uniforms are not improved and modified, then it becomes wearisome to watch the team members play. A new uniform stimulates new energy and life into the team and as well to the fans and spectators. Uniforms of common teams are sold in the market worldwide and huge quantities though without company logos. The merchandising of these team uniforms generates billions of dollars worldwide.

Understanding the history of sports uniforms

From a long time ago, sports persons have worn some garment or accessory to distinguish themselves from other sports participants. The trend of sports uniforms can be attributed to the human tradition of assigning various signs, symbols, and colors to imply different countries, kingdoms, regions, etc. These assorted colors, symbols and signs were used as means of description and also to lend some identity to these nations, regions, and kingdoms. Although these signs and symbols have been popular since ancient times, the trend of team uniforms started at the turn of the 20th century. The first ever sports uniform was worn in 1849 by a baseball team in New York called Knickerbockers. Though many European clubs had been wearing uniforms following the late 1800s, Knickerbockers were the first ones to wear them formally.
Sports uniforms: Advertising vehicles

Sports uniforms can be used as vehicles of advertising. Several big companies put their logos on the uniforms of big national and international teams in order to advertise their items. As the games played by these teams are watched by various spectators, the firms have a greater chance of getting their logos and business name noticed by the spectators. These team uniforms are among the biggest sources of revenue nowadays for organizations and advertising agencies. As there is tough competition in the market between big brands and companies, the excellent and easiest way to advertise your item is to sponsor a team and use their uniforms as your advertising billboard.

Understanding the best sports fabrics to buy

Nowadays, the customized designs are highly demanded. The reason for this is that these collections contain additional features like the team name, the team logo, player name, etc. The uniforms of some of the most popular games like soccer, cricket, etc. contain these attributes. These characteristics are highly demanded because of the fact that they provide identity to the teams and clubs. Moreover, these attributes help in the branding of the team.

The sports uniforms are primarily manufactured using polyester fabric. This is considered as the best fabric to create sports-related outfits owing the fact that these provide full flexibility to the players during the game. There are several games like soccer, basketball, cricket, etc., which involve tremendous physical exertion. The players have to run, jump, and have to perform lots of physical activities during the game. The polyester fabric provides full flexibility to the players during the game.

Nowadays, the sublimation printing technology is widely used while manufacturing the sports costumes. This is the most advanced technology of printing. It helps in creating awesome prints on the fabric. The most amazing feature of this type of printing is that the created designs can easily withstand tough playing conditions. In this printing technique, the designs get directly imprinted on the fabric.

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History of Uniforms in Sports